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Below are some testimonials from my clients.

Happy Children


Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We’ve had two sleeps where  A_  didn’t wake properly for milk until 5.30!!! Feel her cough has turned a corner too.  I’m starting to feel human again, thank you.

Thank you for the medicines you have prescribed.  They have made a massive difference.  I feel positive, energetic and brave! …I have also felt more empowered and am swimming more and making better lifestyle choices.  I can feel my energy and confidence increasing and I am calmer and in feel more in control of my emotions.

I just want to say thank you again, because upon writing in my journal this morning I just realised that I did come into this new year a completely new and improved and stronger person and version of myself and my gut is saying that it had a lot to do with your homeopathic remedy that you gave me.  It forced me to purge something, I don’t know what.  It’s been really significant and I just thank you so much…It amazes me how you intuitively picked something and it’s changed my life.

[the swelling]  has gone down a lot and it definitely helped.  I am a real believer in homeopathy these days! You are a really intuitive homeopath, it’s been a huge gift to me.

I just wanted to let you know I have not booked another appointment because N_ has started sleeping MUCH better!!  She is getting a 4-7 hour chunk each night!  I think homeopathy gave us a good base and then I ended up night weaning and getting a new bed for her, so all of those things helped!  I just wanted to say thank you!


I had an annoying bulbous ganglion on the inside section of my middle finger that I’d had for a couple of years. I even had an operation in Dehra Dhoon hospital in India. But after a short while it returned. During many exchanges on my personal and medical history, Anna analysed the possible root cause of the ganglion. She intuited that it was connected with grief and recommended a homeopathic gold medicine which I proceed to take on a daily basis.

Then ‘low and behold’ after a few days treatment, I looked at my finger and the ganglion had completely disappeared, a veritable healing miracle. What was also interesting is that it left a small indentation that is a permanent feature on my finger.

Since then I have always consulted with Anna on various health issues and have always had great responses from her insightful advice.

Anna always has a very calming influence, ideal for a therapist, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking holistic and homeopathic healing.

I’m just feeling so happy…so I found my tribe and I still credit that to my remedies from you! So I found my tribe and I found my place and I found my lover and I’ve got my daughter so everything is just pretty amazing actually.

I have taken two of the silica today and already my ears and my balance are feeling a bit better. YAY!

I just wanted to say thank you for dropping off the remedies…the surgery went really well and I have just had a few now…and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you helping out and making all of this really great healing stuff for me.

Finding Balance & Peace

Healing can be likened to renovating a house. It is desirable to clean out all the dust and rubbish before starting to paint and wallpaper. So it is with the body – opening up the natural channels of elimination clears away much of the cause of disease.

Discover Joy and Vitality

Life can sometimes seem overwhelming and full of problems and diffculties.  A different perspective and new ways of responding can help us make a change.   As we become more aware of ourselves we are able to make the choices that help us to find meaning, joy and vitality.

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