Homeopathy for healing acne

If you suffer with acne you may have been offered and have tried various treatments recommended by your GP: antibiotics, the combined pill or even Roaccutane.

You may feel disillusioned if you have tried some of these treatments and they have not worked. You may have experienced unpleasant side-effects and be seeking a more natural alternative. Homeopathy works with your body and works really well alongside changes in diet and skin care which support a kinder and more holistic approach.

Homeopathy is a kinder approach that supports the body instead of fighting it. Homeopathic remedies help to balance the hormones in the body rather than suppressing them which creates even more imbalance.

An important thing to bear in mind with treating acne is there that there is often an inherited tendency to this skin problem.  Homeopathy is unique iin its ability to tackle the genetic influence with deep acting remedies called nosodes.

When treating the skin holistically we need to understand that the skin is one of the channels through which the body tries to eliminate toxins. The other channels used by the body are the liver, kidney and bowels. There would be no need for the body to use the skin as a major channel of elimination if the kidney, liver and gut drainage was adequate.

Homeopathy helps to open the channels of elimination so that the body does not need to use the skin.

My Experience

Headshot of Anna Davies. Homeopathic Specialist inAcne treatent

Anna Davies 


I started to suffer with pimples and pustules when I was around 13 or 14.  My parents took me to the doctor and I was prescribed tetracycline antibiotics and benzyl peroxide cream which I used with little success for more than 2 years.  I was already a shy person and the acne really affected my self confidence.  As a young adult it was a struggle to go out and socialise and I wore make-up every day which tends to make the acne worse in a vicious cycle.  My acne always seemed to be worse when I had an important event to go to.

When I stopped taking the antibiotics I suffered from repeated infections: sinusistis, bronchitis and cystitis.  My body’s immune system felt weak and looking back I can see my body was trying to clear out all the suppression cause by the antibiotics.  By the time I was 18 my acne had got worse and I was suffering from cystic acne wich was painful and disfiguring.  I started taking the combined pill but I reacted quite badly to it and started to severe panic attacks.  Eventually I stopped taking it and the panic attacks subsided but the acne continued all they way through my twenties and thirties.  

I was offered Roaccutane but the side-effects frightened me so muh I turned it down even though I was desperate for clear skin.  Later on in life I was glad of this decision because a friend I knew at university who had taken Roaccutane committed suicide and I became aware there was a link between Roaccutane and serious depression.

I have been on a journey learning about healing all my life.  I am trained in aromatherapy and have a good knowledge of herbs but nothing has worked as well or as deeply for my skin as the nosodes and deep remedies of homeopathy.  I am passionate about helping other people have a clear skin because I know how it feels and how much it can effect your confidence and mental health.

Freequently asked questions

How long will homeopathic treatment take?

 This will depend on how long you have had acne, how severe it is and how much medication you have already had.  When someone has had lots of heavy meds like antibiotics and Roaccutane we need to allow extra time to detox the body, especially the liver.  Cystic or severe acne usually has an hereditary element and so we will need to use nosodes to clear the genetic predisposition to acne and skin problems.  Hormonal acne can be sorted out fairly rapidly but if contraceptive pills have been used then it will probably  take longer to establish a healthy menstrual cycle.

What skin care products do you recommend?

It’s important to use organic, gentle non-toxic products wherever possible.  I like the Palmarosa Range by Neal’s Yard Remedies.  Avoid anything with parabens or petrochemical derived oils – these all add to the burden on the liver as they are toxins that have to be removed from the body.  As a general rule we should not put anything on our skin that we would not be prepared to eat.

Why has my acne got worse after stopping the pill?

Unfortunately the body reacts to the suppression of hormones caused by contraceptive pills by producing a surge of hormones once you come off them.  This can make it hard to come off the OCPs.  Homeopathic treatment will assist with detoxing the pill and re-establishing hormonal balance.

Can acne help with scarring?

Yes.  Homeopathic remedies such as Silicea, Thiosaminum and Graphites heal the structure of the skin and can be used when the skin is getting to a point when it is nearly clear of spots.  The initial treatment will focus on detoxing, draining and clearing pus from the skin.


Do you recommend any supplements and dietary changes?

Yes I recommend taking steps to reduce inflammation in the body.  Zinc supplements can help with this as can avoiding certain vegetable oils and cow’s dairy.  If someone has been on antibiotics for an extended period then probiotics will be recommended to help reestablish the microbiome.

Can homeopathy help with low self esteem and lack of confidence?

Yes.  This is one of the main benefits of homeopathy: the whole person is treated not just the skin.  Many remedies that help with acne will also treat feelings such as shame, shyness, lack of confidence, depression or anxiety.

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